Reviewing Comedy Reviewers

It’s nearly that time of year, that wonderful period where brisk autumnal winds gust through the green streets of Melbourne, sweeping up discarded leaves and even more discarded flyers, whispering “debt” as they flutter past. That magical month when the inner city of Melbourne comes alive with hordes of excited people eager to be audiences for the three or four comedians they’ve seen on a car commercial or TV panel show. The rest of us lacking that unquantifiable on-screen X-Factor are desperately pitching shows to people who are overwhelmed by the... Read The Rest →

Make ’em Laugh

So a while back I was asked to write a piece for Independent Media site Crikey. The brief was to write something about stand-up comedy, no matter how odd, and I chose to write about the darker and more depressing side of being a comedian. Not a lot of people realise that comedy isn’t a full time gig for 99.9% of comedians. For most of us, it’s the passion project we do around numerous ego destroying and menial jobs. Here is what I wrote, I would say “enjoy” but… yeah…... Read The Rest →

Smog & Soothsayers: somewhere between a rock and Los Angeles

All cabs smell the same. On some base level between the fog of your driver’s bacteria clogged armpits and the new car factory smell; every single taxi has one underpinning odour. The only way to smell this smell is to sit in a taxi for long enough, to move past that initial sting of sweaty sedentary polyester until you’re no longer conscious of any odour. Until you can’t sense the scents, so to speak. Only once your nostrils have accepted their fate, with the serenity of a cancer patient, can... Read The Rest →

Killing Time & Neurons: A disociative sojourn into the hip

It was the sixth opening we had been to that night. I was cold, wet, and pining for a cigarette. As I stood in the corner of the gallery, I licked the inside of my mouth in an effort to remember the comforting taste of burnt throat I was accustomed to. I’d recently quit smoking but was not above buying an entire pack for a stranger so I could bum one off of them without the thick feeling of guilt weighing on my chest. The gallery was launching a new... Read The Rest →

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