The Germans have one word that no one else does, it sums up that wicked moment of glee you feel when a fellow human experiences misfortune. In Australia we use two words “suck shit”. Pronounced “Suuuuuck Shit!” Today my word is a little more specific in nature, but still follows the Germans in intent. Shuttinfreude Taking joy in watching a person sprinting desperately to catch the train only to have their spirit, if not their head, crushed by the closing doors.   You have to admit, it’s a particularly wonderful... Read The Rest →


I thoroughly enjoy making up words. Yes, I know we have far too many in the English wordstock as it is. Not to mention we have words that sound identical when spoken, but they’re there their meaning  and spelling differs greatly. I’m not one to worry too much about weather whether my words are incongruous, or if people find delight in my faulty punctuation. If you get the idea, if the gist is not lost on you, then I have succeeded. So what is the first word I’m making up?... Read The Rest →

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